Our company was founded on 6 July 2009. We maintain contractual partnership relations in the field of development and promotion of new information technologies with the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic and optical equipment: THALES-group, IBM, Zenit Group. We are partners in the improvement and development of the biometric identification of humans and the creation of national biometric databanks in a number of countries. We have all necessary licences to carry out our core business activities. We are free of the bureaucratic red tape, which is so common for large organizations, while we bring together a lot of highly qualified specialists and experts in their respective fields of activity. Most advanced technologies, prompt actions and integrity at all stages of cooperation – this is what you may count on when working with us. We’re ready to cooperate with any organisations and private persons looking for a good result.

The fields of activity of our organisation include:

  • designing and construction of electronic processing centres and their access terminals all over the world;

  • development of electronic control units and special software for hardware-and-software systems;

  • an expert assessment of existing projects and solutions in the field of: enterprise automation;

  • construction of traditional and multi-service communication systems; construction of building automation systems and computer centres, including geographically-distributed ones, and of database management systems;

  • designing and construction of new systems: comprehensive automation of enterprises; integrated security systems; traditional and multi-service communication networks, including the security-categorised networks; computer centres, including those on a country-wide scale; building automation systems;

  • provision of communication services: telematic communication services, data transmission, leasing of communication channels and locale telephone communication.