Multi-channel surveillance station (MSS)

The basic element of an integrated security system.

Multi-channel Surveillance System has a modular design, which allows to change its configuration depending on the Customer’s requirements. Multi-channel Surveillance Station may be delivered to be installed at a stationary surveillance point, or as a mobile version.



Rotary support
Range of azimuth rotation (panning) - n x 360°
Range of elevation (tilting) - ±95°
Speed of azimuth rotation - 0,03°/s... 120°/с
Speed of elevation (tilting)- 0,03°/s... 100°/с
Accuracy of positioning - 0,1 mrad
Maximum load-bearing capacity - 60 kg
Optional stabilized rotary support.

Built-in magnetic compass and GLONASS/GSP navigation receiver

At Customer’s request, Multi-channel Surveillance Station is equipped with:

  • Radar station
    Maximum target detection range - 30 km
    Operating frequency - 33,4... 34,2 GHz
    Pulse power - at least 6 KW
    Width of directional diagram in horizontal plane - 0,23 degrees
    Width of directional diagram in vertical plane - 7/3 degrees
    Speed of antenna rotation - adjustable, 10... 60 rpm

  • System of remote air quality monitoring
    Quantity of substances and their mixtures detected at a time – at least 20
    Threshold of sensitivity in detecting ecotoxicant vapours with the cloud depth of 20 m - not exceeding 10-2 mg/l Range of detection of substances – at least 3km
    Probability of detection of substances in the air – at least 0,9
    Time of detection – not exceeding 1s