Floor-standing access terminal (FAT)

Certificate of conformity with GOST R valid till 9 September 2013
Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion dated 30 June 2010

Application area:
Compliance with the national priority projects:

Floor-base Access Terminal provides an access to the services of the PPM Expert System using a biometric system of recognition by way of reading and identifying the person’s eye iris.

The Floor-standing Access Terminal is provided with a convenient interface, which allows to get access to the services of the PPM Expert System on one’s own.


Depending upon the user’s access rights, the Floor-standing Access Terminal ensures:

  • compatibility with the platforms of accounting software, which enables cashless settlements;

  • the possibility to make use of the PPM Expert System in any place of the world using one’s personal account:

    • ordering and paying for medicines, including those provided on the basis of a benefit programme, ordering lunches and foodstuff, getting access to databases of medical institutions for the purposes of maintaining a personalised records of rendering medical aid to citizens, making arrangements to see a doctor at a medical institution, etc.;

    • viewing and managing one’s personal account and the data in the databases of the PPM Expert System, including viewing the history of personal accesses.

    • managing a client’s account in the on-lone mode, including depositing, transferring and converting money on one’s account within the Russian Federation and abroad;

    • a remote access to organised electronic trading and financial centres all over the world in the on-line mode, including the possibility of the registration of one’s participation and the registration of conducted transactions;

    • viewing timetables, routes and availability of seats, as well as booking and processing of tickets for railway, air and motorway transport in any country of the world;

    • obtaining information about available accommodation at the hotels in various cities of the world and reservation of rooms (including the processing of a tourist voucher);

    • payment for housing and public utilities Services, fine imposed by the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, mobile and Internet communication, etc.;

    • carriage of cargos by all type of transport, including monitoring of cargo delivery process, going through customs procedures and warehousing services;

    • purchase of goods and payment for services at filling stations.

Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion and Certificate of Conformity:

Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion   Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion   Certificate of Conformity