Stationary access terminal (SAT)

Stationary Access Terminal is a manager’s workstation, which provides an access to the services of the PPM Expert System using a biometric system of person identification by way of reading and subsequent processing of the data from his/her eye iris.


Depending upon the user’s access rights to the databases, the system ensures:

  • management of a client’s account, including depositing, transferring and converting money on one’s account, in the on-line mode all over the world;

  • electronic document management and registration of transactions using the electronic digital signature based on the identification of the person by his/her eye iris.

  • an access to an integrated security management system all over the world within the ISS international project, which includes multi-channel stationary, land-based, water-based or mobile multi-channel surveillance stations, closed channels of data communication, systems of processing and analyzing the incoming information;

  • control of multi-channel surveillance stations all over the world;

  • control of biometric access control devices in the rooms, buildings and territory of the object;

  • obtaining information about available accommodation at the hotels in various cities of the world and reservation of rooms (including the processing of a tourist voucher);

  • viewing timetables, routes and availability of seats, booking and processing of tickets for railway, air and motorway transport in Russia and abroad making use of the servers of the first level of access.

  • a remote access to organised electronic trading and financial centres all over the world in the on-line mode, including the possibility of the registration of one’s participation and the registration of conducted transactions;

  • ordering and making payment for services and goods provided by the PPM Expert System and made available by using a personal account;

  • viewing and managing one’s personal account and the data in the databases of the PPM Expert System, including viewing the history of personal accesses.